We Are Here, We Shall Never Disappear.

The latest podcast is up! Meet Abdul Kircher. Super talented underground photographer Abdul Kircher stops by shortly after his 18th birthday. Abdul shares his experience of shooting between NYC and Berlin, working with the overlooked people in our society including the homeless, elderly, disabled, prostitutes, transvestites, drug dealers, and more. Prepare yourself for a special spirit with a huge heart! Check it out on my site, on iTunes, or right here!
Anonymous: Nobody's love me? I am loving you.

who are you?

life is hideous, sometimes beautiful. 

Anonymous: you're photos are so beautiful, almost depressing.. my only wish is that you capture these moments and remain enlightened by it all. don't lose sight and remember what it is to live


Don’t miss Abdul Kircher in Richard Kern’s “Girlfriend Boyfriend” exhibition and book! 
The launch is October 10th at Webster Hall.