"Lecturer John Hyatt claims to have captured these images of the mythical creatures in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire." 
Images on view at the Whitaker Museum (in Whitaker Park in Rossendale) throughout the spring.

New pictures of Devin coming soon!
by Abdul Kircher, 2014

by Abdul Kircher, 2014

Li Hui
Anonymous: Do u want to live in nyc always or do u plan to move somewhere else

I want to run away with a girl and move into a house in Bovina on top of a hill and be isolated from the rest of the world with this one girl. But that’s later on in life; for now I want to travel around the world as much as I can. The only two places I feel at home are NYC and Berlin (as of now).

Shot Daniel Cabon (@COACD) today; watch out for this kid, he’s next up!